Hall of Fame – Jon Holmes Present by John Monk

T his past November, the MSA lost one of our most well rounded individuals to ever sup port Maine Snowmobiling, John Holmes. Along with his wife who unexpectedly passed just a few short years before, this couple helped educate people not only on snowmobiling, but about any facet of life imagin able. Jon’s commitment to his town stood the ultimate test of time with he and his wife run ning the local store that had everything everyone needed. He realized the economic impact of stores and snowmobiling but catered to everyone supporting and encouraging everyone who walked through the door to be the best they could be. He sup ported the local schools with cre ative events and even attended the local sports games at every chance possible. He is a staunch supporter of the Dirigo High School Alumni, and aside from the lifestyle commitments the town store he found a bit of time to run a snowmobile club. Club president and MSA director for 25 plus years, VP for 10, grant writer, fundraising chair and also one of the most significant lead ers helped create one of Maine’s most famous events,The Annual Blessing of the Sleds. Jon’s driv ing force was to be reckoned with as he slowly and steadily helped build the Poodunk Snowmobile Club of Dixfield from a Bearcat and a Scandic to the most recent delivery of a $250,000 new groomer. While Jon tirelessly fought medical issues related to tic born Lyme Disease, his demeanor to others has never fluctuated and along with his wife’s incredible care, they helped place Maine on the map for oodles of research that now has moved medical advancements and education of this horrible disease to levels unheard of. To make the state ment, “He took one for the team”

for all of us doing trail work is clearly an understatement. My wife and I were ever so blessed to meet Jon taking tick ets with his wife at the MSA show door in my early years and immediately seized the positive persona that he and his wife divulged. A few short years later in my first season as president, an invite was extended, and we attended their local club meet ing and walked away with awe of his leadership and the lay out of this tiny club in Western Maine. Seated around the table were the Trailmaster, now for mer 22 season MSA Groomer of the Year, the secretary, the treasurer, the VP, the Western VP, my wife, myself and Jon, the unwavering president. He gave a spot-on example of a meet ing with each and every offi cer giving an impressive report of their positions all while his wife fed us hot, from the oven coffee cake. It was 100% of the model of professional commu nication, production, excitement and just well-rounded fun and enjoyment.Humor!Humor, I was told he enjoyed making peo ple smile and laugh and seized every moment possible and that very meeting did not disappoint. During that meeting, the female treasurer was dealing with some sort of upper body adjustment

that even me, being beside her for the very first-time thought was out of character for just meeting this lady. I looked away as to not be nosy while it con tinued a few moments longer than I imagined and I just hoped it would quietly fade away as one of those life’s moments. In the grand scheme of things, the meeting would roll-on, right? Not with Jon at the table. As she continued adjusting, this true leader immediately stopped the meeting, stared right at her and not quietly but quite point-on embarrassingly asked, “Do you need any help with that” angling as he wanted to be the first in line for the opportunity to help. She quickly reported laughingly, “NO! Even being the new faces in the room, one could feel the true trust that had long been previously earned. The situation was flat out Classy and Funny. While it escapes me that I hav en’t been able to attend the “Blessing of the Sleds”, It will be this man the I will cherish when I finally make it. Please help me posthumously welcome Jon Holmes of Dixfield to the MSA Hall of Fame. Jon’s daughter Julie and her husband Chris Dickson were present to accept the award.


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