2023 – 2024 Snowmobile Club of the Year Awarded to the Limestone Snowhawks Presented by by Gary Marquis

what the true attraction turned out to be the historic Arch Hanger. People from all over the Northeast talk about hanger. This club not only has one attraction, but they have two the other being the ever so popular BroderTrail. The club has increased their traffic tremendously because of these two scenic attractions, with that they have stepped up grooming to every night with a new Prinoth Groomer, they also pay special attention to their signage making it their trails easily navigated by folks new to the area. They are a small club that knows how to get it done! Congratulations to the Limestone Snowhawks the 2023 2024 MSA Snowmobile Club.

Left to right Gary Marquis, Jason Levesque,Trail Master, Russell Levesque andTim Busse

T he Limestone Snowhawks was awarded the snowmobile club of the year for the 2023-2024 snowmo bile season. This club while not being the biggest in the State does certainly have a lot of heart and tenacity when it comes to maintaining their system. It was only about 5 years ago that the club got some new blood and what a difference they have made to what was once a system that received a lot

of complaints to one of the systems that gets high praises by many in the County and of course snowmobilers from all over. When the Snowhawks President dis cussed putting a trail on the historic runway of Loring Air Force Base, no one realized what this was going to do in terms of traffic. Thoughts were that it would be fun go down the trail on the 2 mile stretch of the runway but


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