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Happy Valentines Day! #2 | February 2024

About the Cover Happy Valentine’s Day! Join us for a Valentine Soup Lunch at the Hall on Wednesday February 14th at the Hall. It will warm your heart… About the Calendar The Calendar is published monthly by the Chebeague Island Council. It is available on-line at Chebeague Island News (www. chebeague.org) or www.chebeagueislandcalendar.com and mailed to every occupied residence on the island. The Calendar welcomes submissions from its readers, including letters and thank you notes, but it cannot publish anything that is political in nature, libelous, or obscene. All submissions should include the author’s name and contact information. Without exception, the deadline for submissions is noon on the 20 th day of the month preceding publication. Submissions and ad copy may be mailed (247 South Road), left at the Council office (on 247 South Road) or emailed (chebeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com) and sent as attachments (.doc; no pdfs) or included in the body of the text. Images and photographs should be sent in a .jpg, .jpeg, or .rtf format. Please do not use the old email address at as this is an inactive account. As a courtesy and space permitting, island nonprofits are given up to a free half page each month to publish their news. Any such submissions exceeding a half page will be charged at the usual rate. All submissions become the property of the Chebeague Island Council, which reserves the right to edit them for length and clarity. Submissions that are not time sensitive may be held until there is enough space to publish them. Additional information about submissions is available at www.chebeagueislandcalendar.com. Advertising rates are as follows: full page, $70, ½ page, $35; ¼ page, $20; 4-line classified, $5; 6 to 8 line classified, $10. Each submission should include the intended publication date, size wanted, and the number of months the ad should run. All ads must be paid for at the time of submission.

Chebeague Island Council Calendar February 2024 Issue #2

Contents Chebeague Island Library


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Publisher Chebeague Island Council Board Members

Lola Armstrong, Christine Auffant, Kristen Dyer Buxbaum, Deb Hall, Denise Hamilton, Tricia Haines, Sarah Hopkins, Kathy Kuntz, Ann Thaxter Contact Us Email: chebeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com Chebeague Island, ME 04017 In Person: Council Office, 247 South Rd Graphic Design Sharkey Graphic Solutions www.sharkeygraphicsolutions.com Printing Cyber Copy www.cybercopyme.com Phone: 207-846-4988 Mail: 247 South Road

The deadline for submissions for the March issue is noon on February 20.

ISLAND HANDYMAN “No Job is Too Small” Jeff Wescott

40 South Road 207-400-6533 kaileedog@aol.com



The Wellness Center Is Open for Blood Draws, Blood Pressure Checks, PT/INR Testing, Medication Setup, Dressing Changes, Suture Removal, Wellness Checks, and Health Information.

Coveside Physical Therapy, LLC BY YOUR SIDE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Phone: (508) 735-7507 Fax: (207) 846-1696 covesidephysicaltherapyllc@gmail.com https://covesidephysicaltherapy-llc.com/

Elizabeth Doughty, PT, DPT, GCS, CDP is a physical therapist who provides in-home physical therapy services right to your home. Whether you have just received a total joint replacement, concerned about falls and want to improve your balance, or having increased pain in a specific joint or muscle and wish to become a stronger, Elizabeth is able to assist by coming right to your home. By evaluating and working together, a specific plan of care will be established to meet your individual goals. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College and is Board Certified Geriatric Specialist and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Most insurances accepted, including Medicare. Please feel free to inquire using the email or phone number above. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions! Fuel & Medication Assistance

SOUP ON! Come every Wednesday and join your friends and neighbors for soup, biscuits, dessert, conversation, laughter, and an island news update! 12-Noon at the Hall No appointment needed. No charge for these services. Wednesday, February 14 th and 28 th , 9:00 to 11:30am

Please call Kathy Kuntz at 846-1496 if you need help with fuel or medication assistance. All requests are confidential.




Let’s work together! From finding your dream home to negotiating the best deal, I will be your dedicated realtor every step of the way.

Sandra “Sam” Birkett

sambirkett.realtor www.broadreachmaine.com





Island Commons

132 Littlefield Road Chebeague Island, Maine 04017 www.islandcommons.com

Administrator, Amy Rich 207-846-5610 amy.rich@islandcommons.com




Volunteer Opportunities at CIHS! We hope you will join us in the work of preserving the past, to better understand the present, while we plan for the future! You can be are year-round, seasonal, a newcomer, an old timer, young or old, the Museum is an exciting place to be, and there are lots of fun ways to help such as: shopping for merchandise ~ researching ~ creating newsletters ~ writing articles ~ enhancing technology ~ being a docent ~ volunteering in the Museum Shop ~ helping with collections ~ developing programs ~ planning an exhibit ~ organizing a house tour ~ working on a cookbook ~ identifying photographs ~ giving a lecture ~ planning an event ~ fundraising ~ and so many more! We hope to hear from you! For more information about how you can help please email: chebeaguehistory@gmail.com Housing Needed for Island Fellow Ellsworth Miller Memorial Lecture Monday, February 26 at 7 On Zoom: 829-6247-6056 Rachel Church , whose work was

Employment Opportunity! CIHS is looking for a

Museum Shop Coordinator , which is a part time seasonal position, March to September, to oversee the operation of the Museum Shop, including supervising staff and working with the Merchandise Committee. Duties include: Ordering merchandise, pricing, updating Square for Retail, stocking, arranging merchandise, and working in the Museum Shop at least two days a week. Position starts in March and hours will increase when shop opens in June. For more information please contact : Beth McNulty at mcnultyb2@gmail.com

CIHS is applying for an Island Fellow, and we need a place to rent from September 2024 thru August 2025. Accommodations could range from a rental house to a room in an island home. If you can help please email: Beth McNulty at mcnultyb2@gmail.com

recently published by Maine Historical Society, will discuss the importance of community cookbooks, focusing on the 1961 Chebeague Ladies Aid Cookbook . She is a USM PhD candidate and grand daughter of former pastor, Tom Merrill and his wife, Beverly who worked on the 1961 cookbook.

Mystery Photos January left ~ February below Tell us all you know about the photograph below! Email: chebeaguehistory@gmail.com

Billy Calthorpe wrote the following about January’s mystery photo: It would be in December of either 1990 or 1991...never got above zero that whole month, and it is Carleton Nida on the bow of his boat, which Herb Rich built and was later owned by Patti and named Resistance...forget what Carleton named her... the Coast Guard came down to bust the ice out. I think it is Herb Rich's boat off the stern of Cartsie’s boat and Alex Todd's boat, the Predator is in the back ground. I was scalloping with Alex and Stephen that winter, and we had a few days where we walked out to the boat.



February 2024

CHEBEAGUE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY News from CTC! As the year-round population of Chebeague continues to grow, so does the demand for Cousins Island parking spots. Unfortunately, we cannot make the lot bigger (or cars smaller), and we operate with a variety of restrictions under the terms of our lease. Over the years, many people have relocated to Route One, either by assignment or voluntarily. Our priorities for allocating spots at Cousins in 2024 were: one spot per year-round household (156 permits) and a second car if there are two full-time commuters (13 total—6 full year/7 partial year). We also are required by our lease to provide 10 overnight permits to Yarmouth residents as well as four designated Yarmouth day parking spots. We issued a total of 179 overnight permits for 2024. Additionally, we issue day worker permits to individuals and contractors who provide many vital services to Island residents. Vehicles with day worker per mits must be out of the lot by 5:30 pm to allow resident commut ers back into the lot. CTC must adhere to the terms of our lease and the court order we operate under. To do this and ensure that we have space for our resident permit holders, we must rigorously enforce our parking policies, including towing. To avoid being towed, please affix your 2024 permit to the lower driver’s side corner of your windshield as soon as possible. Please remove all prior year stickers. Parking at Cousins Island Help Wanted! Working at CTC means being part of a skilled and dedicated team, playing a pivotal role in the lives of every island resi dent and visitor. We employ captains with a 100 Ton Master License, deckhands, bus drivers with a Class B license with passenger endorsement, and parking lot attendants. CTC has an immediate opening for a part-time deckhand and a full-time captain . We offer competitive pay and ben efits to full and part-time employees. You can find job open ings, job descriptions and application at www.ctcferry.org/ about-ctc#Jobs or call or email our office. Thanks for your cooperation!

Winter Office Hours Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm

Lights out in the Cousins Lot

Coamings on the In dependence

Business Office: (207) 846-5227/846-3700 16 North Road, PO Box 27 Chebeague Island, ME 04017 chebeaguetrans@gmail.com www.ctcferry.org PLEASE PUT YOUR 2024 PARKING STICK ER ON YOUR CAR TO AVOID A TICKET or TOW. As anyone who travels after dark and parks in the Cousins Island Parking lot knows, the lot has been especially dark the last couple of months. The street lights are operated and maintained by CMP. We have been in contact with CMP, letting them know this is a serious safety issue. They have promised that the lights will be repaired as soon as their schedule per mits. Unfortunately, we can’t control CMP’s timing, but will contin ue to communicate the serious need for lights in the lot. In the mean time, please be pre pared by bringing a flashlight or headlamp if coming in or out of the lot after dark. Thank you and we apol ogize for the inconven ience.

People riding the ferry may be curious why we had the new, bright yellow door thresholds installed during the last yard period on the Inde pendence. Inspected passenger vessels oper ating on a protected route require 3” coam ings (ref. 46 CFR 179.30). Initially, the USCG granted an ex ception considering our limited ferry route. When we revisited this with them during a routine inspection, they were reluctant to con tinue this exemption after learning that we occasionally use the vessel for charters out side of our ferry route. Additionally, these coamings will help keep rain and snow melt out of the passenger cabin. We painted them bright yellow in hopes people will notice and not trip over them as we all get used to something new. Please watch your step!

EMPLOYEE BIRTHDAYS Doug Wallace - 2/4 Peter Milholland - 2/19 Alex Willett - 2/22

Happy Birthday!




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February 2024

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3 - 1 Friday 3 - 2 Saturday


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Notes From The Council

Wednesday Soup is going strong this winter. We have a terrific team of volunteers who set up, cook, bake, and clean up each week. Any chance to get out of the house on these cold days is appreciated by the community, and catching up with friends and neighbors over a hot bowl of soup is just the ticket. If you haven’t joined us for soup yet, please do, and if you’d like to join our team, we’d love to have you.

Thank you to the Town of Chebeague for sending three members of the Fire and Rescue Department to an Acute Stress Adaptive Protocol (ASAP) training last week. The ASAP training is a program designed for first responder peer support teams but can also be used with other groups or individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, or trauma.We look forward to sharing this new tool with the Fire/Rescue Department and the community at large. Stay tuned.




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March 2024

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Date dep Cousins: 3 - 1 Friday 3 - 2 Saturday 3 - 3 Sunday 3 - 4 Monday 3 - 5 Tuesday 3 - 6 Wednesday 3 - 7 Thursday 3 - 8 Friday 3 - 9 Saturday 3 - 10 Sunday 3 - 11 Monday 3 - 12 Tuesday 3 - 13 Wednesday 3 - 14 Thursday 3 - 15 Friday 3 - 16 Saturday 3 - 17 Sunday 3 - 18 Monday 3 - 19 Tuesday 3 - 20 Wednesday 3 - 21 Thursday 3 - 22 Friday 3 - 23 Saturday 3 - 24 Sunday 3 - 25 Monday 3 - 26 Tuesday 3 - 27 Wednesday 3 - 28 Thursday

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3 - 29 Friday 3 - 30 Saturday 3 - 31 Sunday


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We would like to thank the Island Community, near and far for the outpouring of love and support given to Judy and her family. Judy said many times, ‘she was never alone in this journey.’ The food, flowers, gifts, cards, and visits.… she loved to chat, were so greatly appreciated. Thank you, Emery, Pam, Nathan, Martha, and Newt

The Recompense Fund welcomes applications from Chebeague Island nonprofits for its 2024 grant-awarding season. Please visit https://www. recompensefund.com/ to find guidelines and application forms. We welcome submissions of complete and typewritten applications; the deadline is April 15, 2024. TRF board members are also happy to help with any questions.



Now is the time to PLAN AHEAD!

Considering a move? Contact us to learn more about what your home is worth in today’s market.

LTFteam@shorelineagents.com The Leonard Thompson Federle Team

Jane Leonard 207.831.9951

Karen Thompson 207.329.6729

Jodi Federle 207.215.4006

207.553.7500 | shorelineagents.com



From The Town Office

Town of Chebeague Island Dear Chebeague Community, 192 North Road Chebeague Island, ME 04017 www.townof chebeagueisland.org

January 22, 2024 Dear Chebeague Community,

The storms of January 10 th and January 13 th brought strong winds, high tides and flooding, impacting our community significantly. We have once again witnessed historic weather come through the state impacting our coastline and re shaping it like never before. At the direction of Governor Mills, Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has requested that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conduct a Preliminary Damage Assessment of both storms. While this is not an application for assistance, the information will help the State of Maine measure the full impact of the storm. The Selectboard, Town Administrator, Staff and Public Works have worked closely together to collect information and submit appropriate assessments on the town’s behalf. As many of you have seen, whether it’s through drives around the island or photos shared by your friends or neighbors, the island experienced significant damage to much of our shore front. Many of you have shared photos or videos with us to help document the damage and we thank you for that. While the town is working to report damage to town owned infrastructure, there is damage that can be reported by individuals and businesses. That information can be found on the town website. As we take the next steps in cleaning out the debris and figuring out how to rebuild what has been damaged, please be careful around the

damaged areas. Please avoid climbing into newly developed caves on the shore and up or down the embankments. While there are many roads that need work, East Shore Drive and South Shore Drive are the closest town roads to the shore and there is erosion that is significantly close to both roads. The town is setting up barricades around those areas to prevent people or vehicles getting too close, especially where there may have been undermining of the roadbed. Please take extra caution. In the coming weeks, the town will learn more about whether there will be funding available to replace some of what has been lost. In the meantime, please be patient and respectful as we work to clean up the debris that has been washed up in the town Right of Way areas. The town will not rush into rebuilding these areas without having a plan of what needs to be done and how to do it properly. Together we will repair and rebuild our community. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Town Administrator

Victoria Wood Town Administrator

Town Office Telephone: (207) 846-3148 • Fax: (207) 846-6419







Community Matters

The Chebeague Climate Action Team is excited to introduce Chebeague’s new Resilience Corps Fellow, Maya Shyevitch!

and ecology researcher for the Appalachian Mountain Club in northern New Hampshire, where she has worked in various roles since 2019. As a Resilience Corps Fellow, Maya is excited to bring her geospatial skills from the world of ecology to municipal sustainability planning and to learn about coastal Maine through the lens of climate resilience and local action. Maya arrived in January and hit the ground running helping the Town compile storm damage documentation for FEMA, mapping storm impacted sites, and working with the Chebeague Climate Action Team on the next stage of the Groundwater Sustainability Study. Maya lives in Portland and will be working both on the island and remotely to support many aspects of the island’s climate resilience work. Given the recent storm events, we feel extremely fortunate to have her on board. Stay tuned for more to come The Resilience Corps, a partnership between the Greater Portland Council of Governments and AmeriCorps, advances regional resilience and climate action for local government offices, regional planning organizations, and non-profit agencies in the Greater Portland area in efforts towards regional resilience. Resilience Corps Members assist projects related to climate, environmental planning, coastal resilience, and sustainability. The Resilience Corps adds much needed capacity to help communities in the region adapt and proactively build greater resilience to climate change. on Maya’s work with Chebeague. What is the Resilience Corps?

Maya is originally from West Newton, Massachusetts. She recently graduated from McGill University with a degree in Environmental Sustainability and a minor in Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing. She is drawn to the way that geospatial analysis brings together science and art by combining a diverse array of data sources, including data sourced by citizen science projects, to create nuanced yet visually appealing displays. In college, she completed an honors thesis on wildlife habitation patterns and range shifts in southern Arizona and had the honor of presenting her research at the 2023 American Association of Geographers conference. Her interest in anthropogenic change, climate resilience, and place-based work was fostered during her time working as a naturalist intern in southern Utah for the Canyonlands Field Institute and as a backcountry naturalist



FEBRUARY 2024 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 6 7 8 9 4 13 14 15 16 2 CCC Worship, 10am 5 1 12 17 10 3 11 CIL Middle School Night CIL Story Times 10:30am & Poetry for the People @ 3:00pm Soup at the Hall 12 Noon - 1pm CIL Book Club Meeting @ 7:00pm BOS Budget Workshop 9AM Hall. CIL Story Times 10:30am Groundhog Day movie at CRC 6:30pm CRC Game & Teen night 7 pm If you would like your event listed on this Calendar please email the Council at Chebeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com by the 20 th of the month. 20 21 22 28 18 19 27 26 25 23 24 CCC Worship, 10am BOS Budget Workshop 9AM Hall CIL Story Times 10:30am CRC Polar Plunge 11AM Chili Chowder Cook Off 12pm CRC Soup at the Hall 12 Noon - 1pm Wellness Center RN 9-11:30am Valentine’s Day CCC Worship, 10am CRC Super Bowl pizza party 6:30 Soup at the Hall 12 Noon - 1pm D&D at CRC 1-2pm CIHS E. Miller 29 Lecture 7pm ZOOM 829-647-6056 Mardi Gras Washington’s Birthday CIL Story Times 10:30am CRC Crafternoon 1-3pm

Wellness Center RN 9-11:30am

Soup at the Hall 12 Noon - 1pm

CCC Worship, 10am



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