Membership Awards Reported by: Eileen Lafland

H ere is the wrap up for 2023-24 year. Considering the lack of snow state wide this year, MSA memberships still came and clubs did a wonderful job getting people to join. MSA expanded the awards to clubs this year with the top 15 receiving a plaque and clubs 16 through 30 receiving a certificate with the deadline being March 31, 2024 for contest. Congratulations to all this year’s

recipients.The top 15 are as follows in numerical order: Rangeley Lakes SC is once again the number one club.

Top 30 MSA Clubs 2023/2024 Season

Club Name

Town(s) Rangeley Washburn Millinocket Greenville Rockwood Portage Lake


Club Name



#1 Rangeley Lakes SC #2 Washburn Trail Runners #3 Northern Timber Cruisers #4 Moosehead RidersSC

541 303 220 197 186 170 161 158 154 146 134 131 123 121 120 119

#17 Rockabema Snow Rangers Patten

115 112 111 109 109 106 102 101

#18 Poodunck SC


#19 Slippery Sliders SC #20 Turner Ridge Riders

Roxbury, Byron


#5 Blue Ridge Riders #6 Portage Lakers SC

#21 Wire Bridge Sno-Travelers New Portland

#22 Big Valley Sno-Club #23 Benedicta Snowgang SC #24 Linneus Sno-Sports

Island Falls Benedicta

#7 Border Riders Sportsman’s Club Jackman

#8 Madawaska SC



#9 Pleasant Mountain SC Inc Bridgton

#25 Presque Isle

Presque Isle

99 97

#10 Caribou SC

Caribou Fort Kent St Agatha Windham

#26 Smoki-Haulers SC #27 Piscataquis Valley SC


#11 Fort Kent Snoriders, Inc.

Dover-Foxcroft 95 #28 Lexington Highlanders SC Lexington, Highland, Concord, 92 Pleasant Ridge #29 Pine Tree SC Milford 88 #30 Wassookeag SC Dexter 88

#12 Red Arrow SC

#13 Windham Drifters SC #14 East Branch Sno-Rovers

Medway, East Millinocket

#15 Penobscot SC


#16 Fryeburg Area Snowmobile Ass. Fryeburg

The end of season totals for each region as of April 22, 2024 are as follows: Region Total Clubs Members Western Region 62 clubs 2,948 Eastern Region 74 clubs 2,884 Northern Region 35 clubs 2,530 Central region 57 clubs 1,985 Coastal region 57 clubs 1,276 Total Family Memberships 9,379 Total business memberships 2,256 With total memberships at 11,635 We had 257 of the state’s 285 clubs send in memberships this year. Last year we ended the season with a total membership of 12,311 so we are only 600+ memberships off this year. GREAT JOB TO ALL THE CLUBS this season. Enjoy your summer break, and comeback in August ready to start it all over again!! Club packets with all your membership info will be ready by September.

Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club Awarded 2024 MSA #1 Club Presented by Alan Swett F or the 5 th year straight Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club has been awarded MSA #1 Club, with a membership of 541. A true destination in the State, Rangeley has over 140 miles of trail always groomed to perfection. Each year this club brings thousands of riders into their region not only with their trails but with events like Snodeo and the Saddleback Hill Climb. This club has become instrumental in the win ter economy in their region. They are a true testament that hard work pays off.Congratulations to The Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club the 2023 MSA # 1 Club!


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