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EARTH DAY • 2024

#4 | April 2024

About the Cover Happy Earth Day, Monday April 22! Thank you to everyone on Che beague for working so hard to keep our little piece of Heaven healthy! About the Calendar The Calendar is published monthly by the Chebeague Island Council. It is available on-line at Chebeague Island News (www. chebeague.org) or www.chebeagueislandcalendar.com and mailed to every occupied residence on the island. The Calendar welcomes submissions from its readers, including letters and thank you notes, but it cannot publish anything that is political in nature, libelous, or obscene. All submissions should include the author’s name and contact information. Without exception, the deadline for submissions is noon on the 20 th day of the month preceding publication. Submissions and ad copy may be mailed (247 South Road), left at the Council office (on 247 South Road) or emailed (chebeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com) and sent as attachments (.doc; no pdfs) or included in the body of the text. Images and photographs should be sent in a .jpg, .jpeg, or .rtf format. Please do not use the old email address at as this is an inactive account. As a courtesy and space permitting, island nonprofits are given up to a free half page each month to publish their news. Any such submissions exceeding a half page will be charged at the usual rate. All submissions become the property of the Chebeague Island Council, which reserves the right to edit them for length and clarity. Submissions that are not time sensitive may be held until there is enough space to publish them. Additional information about submissions is available at www.chebeagueislandcalendar.com. Advertising rates are as follows: full page, $70, ½ page, $35; ¼ page, $20; 4-line classified, $5; 6 to 8 line classified, $10. Each submission should include the intended publication date, size wanted, and the number of months the ad should run. All ads must be paid for at the time of submission.

Chebeague Island Council Calendar April 2024 • Issue #4

Contents Chebeague Island Library


Island Commons 5 Chebeague Island Historical Society 6 CTC News 7, 8, 9 Recompense Fund 8 Chebeague Annual Health Screening 9 Chebeague Recreation Center 11 Chebeague Community Church 12 From The Town Office 13 Community Matters 13 April Calendar 16 Board Members Lola Armstrong, Christine Auffant, Kristen Dyer Buxbaum, Deb Hall, Denise Hamilton, Tricia Haines, Sarah Hopkins, Kathy Kuntz, Ann Thaxter Contact Us Email: chebeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com Publisher Chebeague Island Council

The deadline for submissions for the May issue is noon on April 20.

ISLAND HANDYMAN “No Job is Too Small” Jeff Wescott

Phone: 207-846-4988 Mail: 247 South Road

Chebeague Island, ME 04017 In Person: Council Office, 247 South Rd

Graphic Design Sharkey Graphic Solutions www.sharkeygraphicsolutions.com

40 South Road 207-400-6533 kaileedog@aol.com

Printing Cyber Copy www.cybercopyme.com



The Wellness Center Is Open for Blood Draws, Blood Pressure Checks, PT/ INR Testing, Medication Setup, Dressing Changes, Suture Removal, Wellness Checks, and Health Information.

Coveside Physical Therapy, LLC BY YOUR SIDE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Phone: (508) 735-7507 Fax: (207) 846-1696 covesidephysicaltherapyllc@gmail.com https://covesidephysicaltherapy-llc.com/

Elizabeth Doughty, PT, DPT, GCS, CDP is a physical therapist who provides in-home physical therapy services right to your home. Whether you have just received a total joint replacement, concerned about falls and want to improve your balance, or having increased pain in a specific joint or muscle and wish to become a stronger, Elizabeth is able to assist by coming right to your home. By evaluating and working together, a specific plan of care will be established to meet your individual goals. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College and is Board Certified Geriatric Specialist and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Most insurances accepted, including Medicare. Please feel free to inquire using the email or phone number above. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

No appointment needed. No charge for these services. Health Fair: Saturday, April 13 th 9-11:30am RN: Wednesday, April 10 th & 24 th 9:00-11:30am

Soup Is Finished! The Soup Ladies have finished another season, providing us with a variety of wonderful soups and desserts all winter. A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who cooked, served, cleaned up, and came to enjoy the comradery. And a special thank you to Sarah Hopkins for organizing all the volunteers to make sure all the Soup slots were filled, supplies were purchased, and everything ran so smoothly. See you next Fall!

Fuel & Medication Assistance Please call Kathy Kuntz at 846-1496 if you need help with fuel or medication assistance. All requests are confidential.



Chebeague Island Library

April Events: Middle School Night - April 3 Book Club - April 4 @ 7pm

“The Boys in the Boat” By Daniel Brown Poetry for the People - April 6 @ 3pm Puzzle and Coloring Night - April 18 5-8pm Story Time - Saturdays @ 10:30

Have you checked your Island Directory listing lately? Do you have changes to make?

Email all additions, updates and corrections to gulldirect@hotmail.com before April 20th



I am available both on and off island to serve your real estate needs. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Sandra “Sam” Birkett

sambirkett.realtor www.broadreachmaine.com





Island Commons

132 Littlefield Road Chebeague Island, Maine 04017 www.islandcommons.com

Administrator, Amy Rich 207-846-5610 amy.rich@islandcommons.com




Volunteer Opportunities at CIHS! Please joinus inthe work of preservingthe past, to better understand the present, while we plan for the future! It doesn’t matter if you are year-round or seasonal, a newcomer or an old timer, youngorold,theMuseumisanexcitingplacetobeandthereare lotsofways tohelp,suchas: shopping for merchandise ~ researching ~ creatingnewsletters~ writing articles ~ enhancing technology ~ being a docent ~ volunteeringintheMuseumShop~helping with collections ~ developing outreach programs ~ planning an exhibit ~ organizing a house tour ~ working onacookbook~identifyingphotographs~givinga lecture~ planning an event ~ fundraising ~ and so much more! We hope to hear from you!

Comings and Goings We are delighted to announce that three members of the Chebeague community have recently joined the CIHS Board of Trustees. They are: - Ted Ballard - Jeff Drew - Corie Meehan. Welcome aboard! We also wish to express our thanks and best wishes to Pat Festino, who has stepped down as Trustee after a number of years of devoted service.

History is not was, it is.

For more information about how you can help please email: Anne Brenton to be new CIHS Shop Coordinator

Please welcome our new Museum Shop Coordinator Anne Brenton . We are very happy that she joined our team. Anne jumped right in, and has already attended the NE Made Trade Show. Be on the lookout for some new and exciting things in our Museum Shop, and come in and say hello when we open. Beth McNulty , CIHS President

Ellsworth Miller Memorial Lecture “ Subterranean Ancient Clues: Activities in Casco Bay Archeology, 2022 - 2024" Presenter: Thomas Bennett Monday, April 22 7 p.m. By Zoom only:829-6247-6056

Mystery Photo This remarkable photo comes from a postcard in the Museum ’ s collection. Tell us all you know about it!

Email: chebeaguehistory@gmail.com

The winning entry, along with last month ’ s Mystery Photo winner, will be revealed in next month ’ s issue .



April 2024


Spring Office Hours Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 3:30pm

The Many Ways CTC Serves Our Community

Parking permit balances due!

Meet Your Crew

Did you Know?

CTC is pleased to announce that we have hired part-time captain, Jason Phip pen, as our newest full-time captain. Jason, originally from Sorrento, ME, comes to CTC with a wealth of maritime experience, having worked in boat yards, as charter and delivery captain up and down the East Coast and, most re cently, as a captain with a Portland whale watch compa ny. Outside of work, Jason enjoys hiking, sailing, mountain biking and spending time with his 7½ year-old daughter. When you see Jason, please join us in con gratulating him!

• CTC is one of a very few privatel-yrun, nonprofit ferry companies in the US. As a private 501c3 non -profit corporation, CTC does not qualify for any federal or state transportation funding. Most ferry companies receive up to 50% of funding for opera tions from federal and state grants and up to 100% for capital projects, such as new boat con struction. • CTC continues to provide medical and public safety emergency transport on and off of the Island at no cost to the Town or patients, just as we’ve done for decades. • CTC works with the Chebeague Island Council to provide free transportation to people receiving on going medical treatment, such as physical therapy or chemotherapy. Please contact the Council for more information. • CTC provides free parking and ferry transportation when funerals or memorial services are held on Chebeague or elsewhere for someone who is to be interred on Chebeague. The cost of providing these and other services totals almost fifty thousand dollars annually. In the past, the cost of these services was borne solely by users of CTC’s ferry, parking lots and barge. We are extremely grateful to the Recompense Fund, which in 2023 contributed $4,000 to help underwrite these essential community services!

Business Office: (207) 846-5227/846-3700 16 North Road, PO Box 27 Chebeague Island, ME 04017 chebeaguetrans@gmail.com www.ctcferry.org EMPLOYEE BIRTHDAYS Susan Campbell - 4/25 Kerry Panetti - 4/29 John Flaherty - 4/30 Happy Birthday! Invoices have been sent out and the bal ance for 2024 parking permit fees are due March 31. Customers who have not paid the balance due will be subject to daily fees, fines and towing. Vehi cles parked in the lot without a valid 2024 parking sticker will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s ex pense. PLEASE PUT YOUR 2024 PARKING STICKER ON YOUR CAR TO AVOID A TICKET or TOW.




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April 2024

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With spring comes grant season for The Recompense Fund! Recompense has begun receiving applications for 2024 grants, and each year it is encouraging to see the initiative island nonprofits take to improve their efforts in sustaining the island.

Recompense appreciates donations from all who love Chebeague, and the board looks forward to announcing the grant awards later this spring.




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May 2024

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CHEBEAGUE ISLAND COUNCIL’S ANNUAL HEALTH SCREENING Saturday April 13 2024 at the Hall The USM Student Nurses will be back! Come and get your blood pressure checked, your cholesterol level checked, hearing checked, and skin cancer prevention information. New this

year - Dental screening provided by UNE dental students! - FreeTetanus boosters available (funded by the Island Council)

Take a chance on winning one of our AMAZING prizes! Lobsters, Oysters, Pool passes, Gift certificates, and all sorts of goodies!









From The Town Office

Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday 9AM-4PM. We are closed to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesday. As always, call for an appointment if you are unable to make it in during regular business hours. Taxes are Due Friday, March 29 th . Nomination Papers- The following nomination papers are available at the town office: School Board: Two 3-year terms Selectboard: Two 3- year terms One 2-year term. Anyone who takes papers out needs to have them back in the office April 12 th . Volunteering Opportunities- The town has several board vacancies. Board of Adjustment and Appeals needs 2 members. Please go to www.townofchebagueisland. org for more information or stop by the town office for an application. Office Renovation- The town office renovation is complete. The staff is unpacking and settling into the new space. Once things are unpacked, we will have an open house. Date to be determined. Code Enforcement- The Town is happy to announce the implementation of a new Code Enforcement Software program. Although this program is still very much in the development phase with various modules, we now have an online permitting portal for residents to submit building permit applications. The Town will continue to

operate in a “hybrid “manner” and will still accept paper applications in the office or via the new portal. This will allow for an expansion of services to many individuals who can’t always make it into the office. We are aiming to improve customer service, and this is our first step in improving the “ease of doing business” on the island. Assessor- The town has welcomed new assessing services. David Ledew, along with his wife Kathy will be working as the town’s new assessor. As previously done, the assessor will be on the island once a month. The schedule will be posted on the town website. Road Closures- All roads are posted for heavy loads until April 15 th . Tie Up Stickers- 2024 Tie up stickers will be available in April. Shellfish Licenses- 2024 Shellfish Licenses are available at the town office. The Transfer Station is now in its Summer Hours. Monday: 9AM-11AM, Tuesday: CLOSED, Wednesday: 1:30PM-5PM, Thursday: 9AM-11AM, Friday: 1:30PM 5PM, Saturday: 9AM-5PM, Sunday: 9AM-5PM. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Town Office; 846-3148 or email townadmin@townofchebeagueisland.org Best, Vika Wood, Town Administrator

Community Matters

Broadband Internet is on the Way!

minimum $300 fee. Sign up now to ensure you receive free installation even if you are not on the Island. If you are considering an underground cable feed, please call early to plan the installation. If you don’t get through to Axiom right away, please leave a message and they will return your call.

Construction of the new high speed Internet network is expected to start in mid-April with connections completed by July. Even if you already subscribe to Axiom service, all 207-255-0679 before Memorial Day for free installation. Installation requests that come later could be subject to a






The theme of the annual July 4 th parade is “Olympics-Chebeague Style”. Start planning your floats...

A series of events to inform and engage community members of Chebeague Island and Cumberland around climate issues that impact us all.

Learn more at: ccltmaine.org/all-events

April 25 / 7–8PM / Zoom The State of Casco Bay: Climate Challenges

and Solutions with Curtis Bohlen

May 14 / 7–8:15PM / Zoom Natural Solutions for Stabilizing Our Coastlines with Sara Mills-Knapp and Seth Wilkinson May 23 / 7-8:30PM / Cumberland Town Hall The Time is Now: Local Climate Action and Opportunities for Community Involvement with Penny Asherman, Denny Gallaudet, and Maya Shyevitch

In partnership with:



APRIL 2024 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 9 10 11 12 7 5 8 2 3 4 1 13 6 CIL Story Times 10:30am Poetry for the People 3 pm CIL Book Club Meeting @ 7:00pm "The Boys in the Boat" CIL Middle School Night April Fools Day Poetry at The Library 3PM If you would like your event listed on this Calendar please email the Council at Chebeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com by the 20 th of the month. 16 17 18 23 24 25 19 21 CCC Worship, 10am 15 22 30 29 28 20 26 27 14 CCC Worship, 10am Beach Clean Up CCC Worship, 10am Wellness Center RN 9-11:30am Eid al-Fitr Wellness Center RN 9-11:30am Health Screening Hall 9am CIL Story Times 10:30am CIL Story Times 10:30am Beach Clean Up CRC Game & Teen night 7 pm Patriot’s Day Tax Day Passover Begins Earth Day Arbor Day CIL Story Times 10:30am Puzzle and Coloring Night 5-8 pm Ramaden Ends D & D Rec Center 1pm Library Building at Rec Center State of Casco Bay 7-8 Zoom

Passover Ends

CCC Worship, 10am



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