December 2023



2023 has been a great year for the Chebeague Historical Society with 150th anniversary celebration of the District 9 Schoolhouse and the publication of our 100 page issue of the Sloop’s Log. We couldn’t have done it without the enthusiastic support from the community! Thank you all so much. We hope you have a happy holiday season! In that spirit we are sharing several mystery photos for you to identify! Email chebeaguehistory@gmail.com if you can ID any of the photos! There will be no lecture this month due to the holidays. Enjoy!

It is not surprising that Don Buxbaum was the first person to identify the November Mystery Photo. He is in it! From L-R: Don, Marjorie, Dave, and Jackie (Cross) Buxbaum. The family posed in front of their family home (now Houghton’s). The Buxbaum roots on Chebeague go back to the turn of the 20th century when Isidore Buxbaum arrived on the island from Massachusetts for a vacation. He quickly made friends with folks in the year round and summer communities. He played on the ball team and participated in many other activities. He bought the Sylvester and Nellie Hill house from Carroll and Stella Hamilton in 1921. The family owned it until 1945 when the Houghtons bought it. Dave and Marjorie Buxbaum and their family spent summers in a cottage on Hamilton Beach, which is now Don’s year-round home. In addition to Don, Isidore’s Chebeague descendants include Jackie Cross, Bob Buxbaum, Michael Makee, and their families, which include the 6th generation of Chebeague Buxbaums! The roof of the Summit House can be seen in the background.

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