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Merry Christmas

#12 | December 2022

Chebeague Island Council Calendar DECEBER 2022 • Issue #12 Cover The Council wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and peace, cheer, and good health in the New Year. About the Calendar The Calendar is published monthly by the Chebeague Island Council. It is available on-line at Chebeague Island News (www.chebeague.org) or www. chebeagueislandcalendar.com and mailed to every occupied residence on the island. The Calendar welcomes submissions from its readers, including letters and thank you notes, but it cannot publish anything that is political in nature, libelous, or obscene. All submissions should include the author’s name and contact information. Without exception, the deadline for submissions is noon on the 20 th day of the month preceding publication. Submissions and ad copy may be mailed (247 South Road), left at the Council office (on 247 South Road) or emailed (cheabeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com) and sent as attachments (.doc; no pdfs) or included in the body of the text. Images and photographs should be sent in a .jpg, .jpeg, or .rtf format. Please do not use the old email address at as this is an inactive account. As a courtesy and space permitting, island nonprofits are given up to a free half page each month to publish their news. Any such submissions exceeding a half page will be charged at the usual rate. All submissions become the property of the Chebeague Island Council, which reserves the right to edit them for length and clarity. Submissions that are not time sensitive may be held until there is enough space to publish them. Additional information about submissions is available at www.chebeagueislandcalendar.com. Advertising rates are as follows: full page, $70, ½ page, $35; ¼ page, $20; 4-line classified, $5; 6 to 8 line classified, $10. Each submission should include the intended publication date, size wanted, and the number of months the ad should run. All ads must be paid for at the time of submission.

Contents Notes From The Council

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Chebeague Community Church

Thank You Note

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The deadline for submissions for the January issue is noon on December 20.

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ISLAND HANDYMAN “No Job is Too Small” Jeff Wescott

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Notes From The Council

As another year comes to an end, the Council would like to thank everyone for their support. Winter on the Island is calm and beautiful. Some think it is the nicest time to be here. Once again, you recognize everyone on the boat, the number of cars on the road dwindles, you actually know who you are waving to, and we all seem to appreciate the less hectic pace. The community comes together in a special way. The challenges of life on a Maine island in the winter often bring out the best in us. Whether it is that extra help from the CTC deck hand on the

snowy ramp, the neighbor who plows out your mailbox, or the volunteer Soup Ladies whose hot soup warms our bodies and wards off winter isolation. But winter can be cold, grim, and lonely too. The cost of staying warm and safe has increased dramatically. As a result, the Fuel Assistance Program is seeing a significant increase in calls for help. Donations to the Fuel Fund are needed. Please send your donation to the Council at 247 South Road. Neighbor helping neighbor is who we are. Thank you.

Elizabeth Doughty, PT, DPT, GCS, CDP is a physical therapist who provides in-home physical therapy services right to your home. Whether you have just received a total joint replacement, concerned about falls and want to improve your balance, or having increased pain in a specific joint or muscle and wish to become a stronger, Elizabeth is able to assist by coming right to your home. By evaluating and working together, a specific plan of care will be established to meet your individual goals. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College and is Board Certified Geriatric Specialist and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Most insurances accepted, including Medicare. Please feel free to inquire using the email or phone number above. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Coveside Physical Therapy, LLC BYYOUR SIDE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Phone: (508) 735-7507 Fax: (207) 846-1696 covesidephysicaltherapyllc@gmail.com https://covesidephysicaltherapy-llc.com/

Dr Larson comes to the Wellness Center on the 1 st and 3 rd Friday of the month. She will see urgent care, walk- in patients for a fee of $100. She does not bill insurance including Medicare. To learn about her Direct Primary Care private practice contact her at (20)7 233-2502 or www.heidilarsonmd.com.

560 US Route 1 • Scarborough ME, 04074 207.289.6005 www.gomendhealth.com www.scarboroughmainechiropractor.com To schedule your appointment go to: http://gomendhealth.janeapp.com/ 1. Click on the blue “book an appointment at Chebeague Island Resident” 2. Select a treatment and click on the blue “Chebeague Island travel visit” 3. This will bring up the monthly calendar to select a time for treatment. Or call our office at 207-289-6005 At the Wellness Center 2 nd Friday of each month!



Chebeague Community Church A Reconciling Congregation

church.chebeague@gmail.com • 207.846.6987 • www.chebeaguechurch.org

• Pastor Melissa Yosua-David resigned effective December 31, 2022. • The Church Council has engaged a consultant to help us in our search for a new pastor. She is Rev. Betsy Waters, a UCC pastor living in Massachusetts, who comes to us highly recommended. Our meetings are expected to be via Zoom. • Pastor Melissa is on leave until December 15. Until then, Linda Brewster is available for pastoral emergencies or funerals. Linda Brewster’s phone: 207-807-2210. Worship will continue at 10 AM on Sundays! Face masks are no longer required!

Weekly Schedule:

December 4, Christmas Caroling

Meet at 10 AM at the church to go a-caroling with Erika Neuman. (No Zoom)

December 11, Presentation: “John Mason Neale: Cleric, Benefactor, Writer of Carols”

December 18, Pastor Melissa’s last Sunday with us

Weekly Sundays at 10 AM , we gather for worship. Currently remote via Zoom and in-person. Thursdays at 11 AM , Ladies’ Aid meets in the Parish House. Bring a current craft project to work on or come for the fellowship and join in the work of supporting the church and other island organizations. Saturdays at 4 PM Catholic Communion Service at 4 PM each week in the Parish House Monthly 2 nd Sunday of every Month at 12 PM - Church Council. In Person and Remote. Access info is available at the leadership page on our website . Next meeting is Sunday, December 11 th December 24, 7 PM, Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols with Pastor Melissa January through March, we plan to worship in the Parish House, returning to the sanctuary on Palm Sunday. Thank You Thank you very much to our wonderful rescue team for the love and care you showed to a very anxious and scared patient. With much appreciation for what you do. Deb Bowman



November 2022


Service Cancellations

While CTC recognizes that many people rely on our service to get to school, work, or other vital travel, the safety of our passengers and employees is paramount. We always try to provide as much notice of service interrup tions as possible but there are times where the safety of our passengers and employees warrants can celling trips on short no tice. Please review our policies below. To receive important service an nouncements from CTC, please sign up on our website at ctcferry.org on our news and info page. Bus Service: If school is cancelled in Yarmouth, the first bus of the day is automatically cancelled. There will not be a notice of this trip’s cancellation. All other trip cancella tions will be communicat ed as soon as possible. Ferry Service: When deciding to cancel a boat trip, we will consider not only the ability of the boat to run in the storm, but also our passengers’ abil ity to safely board and exit the boat. Therefore, con ditions where the wharves, ramps, and/or floats are unsafe will re sult in a trip cancellation. This would include high winds making the floats rock dangerously (usually at Cousins), storm surges that put the top of the Stone Wharf under water, and excessive ice and/or snow on ramps, floats, or wharves.

Winter Office Hours Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm Friday 9am - 12:30pm

Bus leaves Route One

Ferry Leaves Chebeague

Ferry Leaves Cousins

7:45 AM

8:00 AM

8:15 AM


9:45 AM

10:00 AM

10:15 AM

December 3rd December 10th CTC will continue the holiday tradi tion of showing our appreciation to our passengers and community by once again of fering free boat days in December. Thanks for all the continuing sup port! EMPLOYEE BIRTHDAYS Bo Ramsey 12/3 Bill McKenzie 12/31 Happy Birthday!

11:45 AM


12:15 PM

4:30 PM

4:45 PM

5:00 PM


6:15 PM

6:30 PM

Thanks to our (Patient ) Passengers and Crew! Just after Labor Day, as many of our customers know, CTC rolled out a new ticket system designed by RocketRez, the same ticketing company that serves Casco Bay Lines and the Maine State Ferry. While we were excited to get this system off the ground, we anticipated—as with any major change—there might be some “bugs” to work out. Hence, we decided to wait until the off-season to “go live.” We were right! While we are very happy overall with how smoothly the sys tem has worked so far, we have found areas that need improvement and are collaborating with the ticket designers to improve the service. In the meantime, our year-round passengers, along with our deckhands and ferry crew, have been the guinea pigs as we put the system to the test, identify ing glitches and areas for in need of attention. CTC thanks all of you, our passengers and crew, for your patience as we continue to improve our ticket system.

Business Office: (207) 846-5227/846-3700 16 North Road, PO Box 27 Chebeague Island, ME 04017 chebeaguetrans@gmail.com www.ctcferry.org




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December 2022

m CREW ASSISTANCE UNAVAILABLE 0.2708 0.2951 0.3333 0.4167 0.5 0.5833 0.6181 0.6563 0.697916667 0.7604 0.8021 0.8333 0.8854 . 813 .30 6 . 4 8 . 271 0.5104 . 9 8 . 2 5 . 6 7 .708333333 . 7 8 . 1 5 . 4 8 . 9 8 6:30 7:05 8:00 10:00 12:00 2:00 2:50 3:45 4:45 6:15 7:15 8:00 9:15 6:45 7:20 8:15 10:15 12:15 2:15 3:05 4:00 5:00 6:30 7:30 8:15 9:30 Morning trips Afternoon Trips Evening Trips

depart Cheb:

Date dep Cousins: 12 - 1 Thursday 12 - 2 Friday 12 - 3 Saturday 12 - 4 Sunday 12 - 5 Monday 12 - 6 Tuesday 12 - 7 Wednesday 12 - 8 Thursday 12 - 9 Friday 12 - 10 Saturday 12 - 11 Sunday 12 - 12 Monday 12 - 13 Tuesday 12 - 14 Wednesday 12 - 15 Thursday 12 - 16 Friday 12 - 17 Saturday 12 - 18 Sunday 12 - 19 Monday 12 - 20 Tuesday 12 - 21 Wednesday 12 - 22 Thursday 12 - 23 Friday 12 - 24 Saturday 12 - 25 Sunday 12 - 26 Monday 12 - 27 Tuesday 12 - 28 Wednesday 12 - 29 Thursday 12 - 30 Friday 12 - 31 Saturday

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Coffee Hour Wednesday’s from 9 to 11 AM. We look forward to seeing you again around the round table!




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January 2023

m CREW ASSISTANCE UNAVAILABLE 0.2708 0.2951 0.3333 0.4167 0.5 0.5833 0.6181 0.6563 0.697916667 0.7604 0.8021 0.8333 0.8854 . 813 .30 6 . 4 8 . 271 0.5104 . 9 8 . 2 5 . 6 7 .708333333 . 7 8 . 1 5 . 4 8 . 9 8 6:30 7:05 8:00 10:00 12:00 2:00 2:50 3:45 4:45 6:15 7:15 8:00 9:15 6:45 7:20 8:15 10:15 12:15 2:15 3:05 4:00 5:00 6:30 7:30 8:15 9:30 Morning trips Afternoon Trips Evening Trips

depart Cheb:

Date dep Cousins: 1 - 1 Sunday 1 - 2 Monday 1 - 3 Tuesday 1 - 4 Wednesday 1 - 5 Thursday 1 - 6 Friday 1 - 7 Saturday 1 - 8 Sunday 1 - 9 Monday 1 - 10 Tuesday 1 - 11 Wednesday 1 - 12 Thursday 1 - 13 Friday 1 - 14 Saturday 1 - 15 Sunday 1 - 16 Monday 1 - 17 Tuesday 1 - 18 Wednesday 1 - 19 Thursday 1 - 20 Friday 1 - 21 Saturday 1 - 22 Sunday 1 - 23 Monday 1 - 24 Tuesday 1 - 25 Wednesday 1 - 26 Thursday

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1 - 27 Friday 1 - 28 Saturday 1 - 29 Sunday 1 - 30 Monday 1 - 31 Tuesday


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Ladies Aid Fair The Annual Ladies Aid Fair is always a huge success! People look forward to it and the line starts to form well before it opens! There are so many gorgeous handcrafted items – hand knitted hats and scarves, note cards with original photos, aprons, placemats, ornaments, and many, many more. This may be the only place where you can still buy beautiful, hand embroidered dish towels and

pillowcases! There are pies, homemade breads, and brownies. Here is where you can order your Christmas wreath with the festive bow. And then, there is the FUDGE. It flies off the table while claims that “it isn’t for me” or “I don’t really eat it” are passed along. And the piece you eat as soon as you get in the car, hopefully, goes unnoticed.




The Rest is History...

The Chebeague Island Historical Society was founded on April 6, 1984. After years of hearing folks say "we ought to," Donna Damon decided we should! More and more items from our history went to the dump as island homes were converted to summer cottages. Occasionally, documents and old pictures were saved because Martha Hamilton made it known that she would gladly house these items at the Library until a historical society was formed. If it had not been for Martha, much of the island's past would have been lost forever. Other people were watching the dump and sifting through the refuse that came from island homes. Alice Bowman and many others found important record books and photographs that they donated to the Chebeague Island Historical Society. Other islanders held onto fami ly items for us. Mabel Bennett Hill found many examples of Chebeague 's material culture on the dump, which resid ed with Joan Robinson until we acquired our current home, the District 9 schoolhouse. The founding of the Chebeague Island Historical Society was a community effort from the very beginning. Following an island tradition, island organizations were approached for support, and they eagerly responded. For example, the CIHCC, the Chebeague Island Council, and SAD 51 were essential players. The CIHCC and the SAD 51 gave us a place to meet, and the Council gave us our first donation to pay for incorporation. While the spring and early summer of 1984 were spent creating by-laws and becoming incorporated, by fall the Socie ty was presenting programs and planning for the future. (Adapted from The Sloops Log, Fall 1998)

Thanks to all who submitted guesses for our November photo! Special recognition to: Polly Smith Hunneman, Jane Frizzell, and Marjorie Munroe, who came the closest to identifying all of the students. The photo was taken in New York City in spring 1951 and shows the Chebeague High School classes of 1951 and 1952 on their class trip . They ranged in age from 16 to 18! L-R: Dorothy and Barbara New

ELLSWORTH MILLER MEMORIAL LECTURE SERIES Many thanks to our November lecturer Dwayne Tomah, a teacher of the Passamaquoddy language and culture. Dwayne shared an informative film "The Doctrine of Discovery" with us. Our December lecture will be pre sented by Michael Porter. Michael’s subject will be “What an Antique Sundial Can Tell Us About Time.” Please join us on December 12th at 7 PM by going to zoom.us and selecting Join a Meeting. The Meeting ID is 829 6247 6056. No password is required.

comb, Larry Bennett, Geneva Bowen (chaperone), Connie Stilphen Fowler, Jim Komlosy, Suzanne Bennett Jackson, Marianne Webber Brenton, Warren Doughty, Walter Ross, Billy Tibbetts, Harland Webber, Leon White, Frank Mansfield. With the exception of Jim Komlosy (although his sister Martha mar ried a Hamilton) - there was a little bit of Hamilton in all of them! DO YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING WITH US! The museum shop will be open on Sunday 12/14 from 1—4 PM. All items (except art) will be sold for 30% off! See you there!

Past Miller Memorial lectures can be viewed on our website Chebeaguehistory.com under the “Our Collection” tab.

PO Box 28, 137 South Road, Chebeague Island, ME 04017 ~ 207-846-5237 ChebeagueHistory@gmail.com ~ Chebeaguehistory.com








LTFteam@shorelineagents.com The Leonard Thompson Federle Team

142 John Small Road Chebeague Island $1,200,000

Jane Leonard 207.831.9951

Karen Thompson 207.329.6729

Jodi Federle 207.215.4006

207.553.7500 | shorelineagents.com

Broad Reach Realty

My purpose is to provide excellent service for my clients. Whether buying or selling, please call me for your real estate needs.

Sandra “Sam” Birkett

sandra.birkett @ exprealty.com 207.504.6716

Local • Loyal • Reliable



Chebeague Island Library

846-4351 phone • 846-4358 fax cheblib@hotmail.com Our Catalogue is online at: https://cheblib.booksys.net/opac/cheblib/index.html#menuHome LIBRARY HOURS: Monday 4:00-8:00pm • Tuesday 10:00am-2:00pm Wednesday 10:00am-2:00pm • Thursday 10:00am-12:00pm Friday 10:00am-2:00pm • Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm Sunday: CLOSED


Middle School Night First Wednesday of every month from 3:30pm-6:30pm

Story Time Every Saturday in October at 10:30am

Curbside pickup is available upon request. • Internet access is available 24/7 outside the library. The 2022 Chebeague Island Directory is available for sale!



If you would like your event listed on this Calendar please email the Council at Chebeagueislandcouncil@gmail.com by the 20 th of the month.












17 10 Story Time 10:30am at the Library Santa Claus is Coming to Town at the Hall 3pm-5pm Story Time 10:30am at the Library Sing in Littlefield Woods 2-3pm Tree Decorating at the Rec 3-4pm Story Time 10:30am at the Library’ Jam Along 3-5pm

Dr Larsson at the Wellness Center







Coffee Hour 9-11am Soup at the Hall 12:00-1:30pm Middle School Night 3:30-6:30pm

Caroling 10AM, meet at Church

CCC Worship, 10am

MEND at the Wellness Center


11 CCC Worship, 10am





Coffee Hour 9-11am Soup at the Hall 12:00-1:30pm

Dr Larsson at the Wellness Center








Coffee Hour 9-11am Winter Begins

Story Time 10:30am at the Library CCC Christmas Eve Service 7PM

Holiday Bazaar 3-5pm

CCC Worship, 10am Hanukkah Begins








Coffee Hour 9-11am

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve

COME FOR SOUP! December 7 th & 14 th • 12:00 to 1:30PM Would you like to make a Soup? A dessert? Help set up? Please email the Council at chebeagueislandcouncilgmail.com or contact Sarah Hopkins.

Fuel & Medication Assistance Please call Kathy

Kuntz at 846-1496 if you need help with fuel or medication assistance. All requests are confidential.

In its 2022 annual report, The Recompense Fund is pleased to highlight how community support boosts Chebeague Island nonprofits. The report should be arriving in mailboxes soon - take a look to see what our island nonprofits are up to! The Fund welcomes your donations as it works to strengthen the island’s nonprofits. Thank you.



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