spot to root. If we identify it as invasive, the team will remove it. Look down and report-don’t be a new spot! If you see something in question please contact pwilkinson@littlesebagolake.com .

little over 162 bags. To date we have removed over 123 tons of milfoil which left unchecked would have choked our lake three times over. Please review the spreadsheet that shows year totals. Our crew is the best. We have a few good men and woman who have worked well together. We had boat maintenance expenses and our payroll increased this year due to an increase of diver pay from $25.00 an hour to $50.00. Even that is a steal. In order to keep consistency and provide a back-up, the pay increase ensures we have someone who is familiar with the lake, process and procedures. Otherwise we would be training someone and not guaranteed they would return. It has left us with an effective and efficient team who is energetic and love their jobs. We even had a day where we videoed with a GoPro and shot drone pictures which we will share at a later time. The new diver has a resume that has done extreme diving and the both of them want to do winter diving to check the milfoil under the ice to see if the milfoil is upright in the cold spring areas. They feel the springs allow constant temperatures which allow the milfoil to flourish over winter. Of course we will document this if it happens and share it with you! They just love our lake! So in summary we are fine. We cannot begin to think we can stop what we are doing. With your support we will continue to keep your lake clear, your property values from eroding and allow for more memories with your loved ones to continue.

As other lakes have other kinds of invasive plants and species, we need to be aware of what is around us that can enter our lake. One invasive is enough to manage. Please educate yourselves on what is native and what is invasive. Suggested links are: https://www.lakestewardsofmaine.org/; www. mainevlmp.org. This year the beds that were previously groomed showed growth blooms after a couple of weeks, mostly occurring late in the summer. Milfoil rebounded due to low water levels allowing the sun to reach areas too deep for sun rays and populating fragments or roots. The sunny warm days and low flush rates made waters more stagnant. Chemistry and favorable growing conditions of the lake determines the health and plant growth both native and invasive. Even with this growth spurt we still managed to reduce our count from last year’s total of approx. 183 bags to a

Your Milfoil Militia Team, Pam Wilkinson and Tim Greer


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