Little Sebago Lake Association Summer - 2018

“Our mission is to protect, restore, and improve our lake’s water quality and fragile ecosystem. We will create and nurture a community of lake stewards, educate users on lake safety, and always be mindful that human needs must be balanced with the needs of the natural environment.”

Little Sebago Lake Association Summer 2018

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LSLA Annual Meeting Saturday, July 14, 2018 • American Legion Auxiliary Hall 15 Lewiston Rd., (Route 100 & 202) Gray, ME


We miss Aimhi Lodges and there will never be another venue like Aimhi. Our next step was to find something that had a water background. Crystal Lake was a good choice for a few years until we realized we needed something with better accessibility and air conditioning. After scouting a bit in Gray and Windham the committee selected the American Legion Hall on Route 100 & 202 in Gray. It is easy to get to, has plenty of room, enough parking, a ramp, air conditioning and it has been renovated. We will have signs at the previous location in case you forget or missed this message. I promise you will have a water view!!!!!!

Plant Give Away at the Annual Meeting Once again -with the help of O’donal’s Nursery we will be providing 100 large 10 inch potted native plants for you to improve your buffer with. First come – first served to any supporting member of LSLA.


President’s Message 2018: Enjoyment- Environment- Evolution-Essence-Equilibrium

A few years ago people recognized that Big Sebago was not so big (or maybe too big) and, in order to enjoy that special day on the lake, they discovered the gem-Little Sebago Lake. There is a closeness our lake offers, if you want it, I believe unlike no other lake. You may enjoy its simple serenity or partake in socializing with kayak/paddle boarding excursions, sand bar relaxation, connecting with social groups and joining in with volunteer efforts- all of which mixes and makes friendships all along the seven mile stretch from the north in Gray to the south in Windham. Yes, perhaps we would like it as it was “back in the day”; reality is our lake is continually evolving. Change is inevitable and while this happens we need to keep its essence. It has always been the responsibility of the LSLA Board of Directors, past to present, to maintain and sustain our mission statement. It was simpler 20 years ago when we didn’t know about milfoil, there were no new kinds of invasive impacts challenging Maine borders, rental companies did not add to the boating density creating safety concern, environmental concerns all adding to the challenge of juggling what is necessary to preserve what draws us to Little Sebago. It is the continual determination and undying efforts by your BOD that keeps all things in check---this is what makes us tic. We are proactive and reactionary to environmental and mankind impacts trying to maintain balance and safety. Our BOD and committees are constantly listening and

creating new initiatives to maintain our lake. The most important part of our lake is YOU. Our initiatives will only work if all who use the lake are educated and take part in protecting and preserving the reasons why we live, visit and play here. It is with your stewardship and financial support that makes these protective efforts possible. We thank you so much for your generosity. So while you are enjoying the winter ice activities, summer sun, taking that plunge below the waters or sitting back to enjoy the call of the loon at night, please smile and remember that you have participated in doing your part in preserving your lake. It is all about the summer fun and creating generational memories to kindle us during the winter months waiting only to hear the call of the loon in the spring to mark that the summer season has begun again.

On Behalf of the LSLA BOD and Committee,

Pam Wilkinson LSLA President


12 th Annual Pirate Parade O ur Pirate Parade continues to be the event of the summer! It is held each year the Saturday after the annual meeting, with a rain date of Sunday. This is a time for people of all ages to come together to enjoy family and friends on the lake! The meeting time is at noon at the lower narrows. Folks in the lower lake should start out in plenty of time to get up to the narrows at noon. At noon we proceed up the lake past the rope swing and onto to Pirates Cove for a few hours of water fun and frolic!

We encourage and expect everyone to use safe boating practices. Please follow them so that this event can continue for years to come.

Be sure your registration numbers are visible.

DO NOT throw water balloons or anything else! People get hurt and they are bad for the lake. DO NOT throw buckets of water onto another boat. People have small children, pets, and cameras on board. Please be respectful of others. DO NOT approach other boats at an unsafe distance when you are moving. We do not want any accidents to ruin our fun. Please keep safety in mind. If there is a boat that would like to lead the parade…. When approaching the lower narrows, just position yourself in the front and watch the boats follow along behind you! We would love someone new to Captain the parade!


I Remember When…

The Story of Looney Cove By Jan Strout

Mountain View farm stood a top Adam’s Hill in Gray. A 3 story house with a shed that attache to the barn. The shed had large doors that opened on both sides to allow carriages to drive through and down to the shores of Little Sebago Lake. Wealthy families from places to the south of us, such as Boston and New York liked to come for summers. Fields that went down to the clear blue waters of Policeman’s Cove and offered fabulous views of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. In the 50’s Mountain View Road was a dusty dirt road passing the ruins of the farm yet still offering glorious views. It stopped prior to the lake for vehicular traffic because a big storm had washed out “The HILL”. Hurricane Carol in 1954 was the likely villain in the washout. Carol took down two beautiful maple trees and assorted other smaller ones, at our house giving me a reason to dislike my cousin Carol for a time. Amazingly, although “she” trapped us in the house, the only real damage was the complete destruction of our well-house. Branches blocked the front and back doors and the barn. My dad was working and he and some of the other men on the road used chainsaws to get to home.

even less so after my brother “dearest” marooned me on a beam in the barn by taking away the ladder. In 1955 Bill Qualey bought the old Mountain View Farm and developed lots on the Shores of Policeman’s Cove and beyond. He filled in the washout and made a road. My mom had grown up going to Campbell Shore at my Grammy’s camp, decided we should have lake property too. They picked out three 50 foot lots on a point that remains our little piece of paradise to this day. Our property had tiny natural beach located to the right of the point, and on the left a somewhat swampy area, overgrown with alders and Cat and Nine-Tails, in a small cove. During our first few years there were many baby snapping turtles born there, of which one had the good fortune to come home for the winter. Perhaps the turtle considered it a misfortune. Turtle lived in an aquarium and got fed greens, and the occasional bug or earthworm we would find for it in the dirt cellar amongst the wood for the furnace. We released the captive back to the wild in the spring.

While clearing the lots, Dad discovered that there was sand under the alders and used a “come along” to pull their roots back to expose it. We had a huge army surplus tent and had gigantic campfires on the point to burn the brush every weekend. Soon there was talk amongst the adults of building a small

I remember walking a mile to go swimming, passing the ruins of the Mountain View Farm at the top of the hill and skirting what seemed to be “the grand canyon” on the other side. I was not a big fan of heights even then. I became


Our first wooden boat was power by a 1 and a quarter horsepower Elgin engine. Affectionately called the “egg beater.” Tommy had his first job using it to go to Campbell Shore and pick up Flutists and ferry them to Lyons Point for lessons with William Kincaid. He was the First Flute for the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra and was considered the premier Flutist in the world. People literally came from all over the world to take lessons each summer. Many stayed at my Grammy’s farm. Getting around the lake to Raymond was a long and somewhat arduous trek, so they would walk about a mile to the lake and pay my brother for a short ride across the lake. When we got a larger boat (18HP) it was a really quick trip and of course, the money went to buy gas for my brother to run around the lake and also to water ski. The bigger boat provided even more entertainment. Everyone in the Cove learned to water ski behind it and then came the end of summer. Cousin Ernie rented a runabout with a 35 HP for the Labor Day weekend one summer to say goodbye summer. The gang my older brother ran around with just loved Ernie. Ernie was my Aunt Marians son so enough older than us to have a son my age but he was one of the kids in his heart. Actually, he was an instigator you might say. That first “Looney Cove” goodbye to summer started with Ernie putting a folding chair on the surfboard, a battered straw hat on his head, dressed in an old army raincoat and off he went to much hooting and hollering. Then one of the girls went and put on her Sunday Dress with a huge petticoat

Screen house for a more permanent structure. My Uncle was a terrific carpenter and said “We could build a screen house but with just a little more lumber we could close it in and put bunks on the back. We ended up with a 12 X 14 cabin with 4 bunks across the back and along with a gas light and stove. Mom would pack coolers every weekend and down we would go. My Aunt Marian, Dad’s older sister, painted a sign that still hangs over the door. “Herb’s Heaven of Rest”. I think that became true, in an ironic way, as we got older. Dad would send us all down to “camp” and then kick back at home and watch a ball game.

We spent days swimming and learning to row the leaky wooden boat. Then at dusk we would go fishing for white perch, dad would clean that night. In the morning Mom would roll in cornmeal and fry for breakfast. Occasionally Dad would wrap the fillets in bacon, aluminum foil and put them in the coals of the campfire for a special treat. That was truly 5-star eating! We had a woolen army great coat that was my favorite for nestling up into the bow of the boat at the end of our fishing excursions. It gets chilly on the lake after dark. Our little point is littered with rocks, some huge and many not so, earning it the name, Rocky Point. Parking was at the top of a steep bank and our path wandered down to the beach. As I grew older, I knew that path so well that if I came to the lake after dark I just kicked off my shoes and felt my way down. Today we have a drive part way down the hill for parking, have electricity and best of all a refrigerator. I have a new appreciation for all the work required of my parents for our early adventures.

and a hat. As she skied the petty coat started to unravel, what a sight, as it unraveled she just wrapped it around herself and a continued on with a 3 or 4-foot tail trailing behind. Thus Looney Cove Day was born in about 1959 or 60 and continued for several years to include a boat parade and much silliness, and earned the cove its name.


Little Sebago Lake Fish Stocking Reports 2002 - 2016 Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife fish stocking numbers for Little Sebago Lake. Includes the date of stocking as well as the species, quantity, and size of fish released.




1500 Brown Trout 12”

1500 Brown Trout 14” 150 Rainbow Trout 14” 30 Brown Trout 24” 1500 Brown Trout 14” 150 Rainbow Trout 16” 10 Brown Trout 24” 1200 Brown Trout 14” 150 Rainbow Trout 14” 75 Brown Trout 20” 1500 Brown Trout 12” 500 Rainbow Trout 12” 1500 Brown Trout 14” 700 Rainbow Trout 8”

1000 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 14” 500 Brown Trout 13” 500 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 13” 500 Brown Trout 13” 500 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 13”


1000 Brown Trout 13” 700 Rainbow Trout 14” 1000 Brown Trout 12” 700 Rainbow Trout 14” 1000 Brown Trout 14” 700 Rainbow Trout 14” 700 Rainbow Trout 14” 1000 Brown Trout 13”










1000 Brown Trout 12” 500 Rainbow Trout 9”




1000 Brown Trout 13” 700 Rainbow Trout 14”

1000 Brown Trout 12” 602 Rainbow Trout 11”

WHAT WE DO Little Sebago Lake Association Functions & Finances

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Grant Writing Public Forums


Hopkins Dam Report

The winter of 2017/2018 has been one of extremes. December started with temperatures pushing 60 and ended with double digit below zero temps. January started with those double digit below zero lows, but warmed up to the 50s. We had snow in early December, followed by a melt, followed by a white Christmas. The rain/ice/snow continued throughout the season -culminating with successive nor’easters in March We’ve had above average snowfall, but the intermittent melts have resulted in a near average snow pack on the ground in March as this article is being written. Despite these weather extremes, the Hopkins Dam has fared extremely well. Little Sebago Lake’s 125+ year old dam is functioning well and is structurally sound. The winter drawdown was initiated a few days late on October 18 th . We then had some heavy rain which kept the lake level high enough to be able to enjoy the lake through some fantastic fall weather. The lake reached its winter low of 17” below summer high on December 3 rd . This level was maintained for most of the winter. The 30+ recent inches of snowfall has started to push

the water level back up – as of March 11 th , Little Sebago Lake is 13” below the summer high water level. We will start to close the Hopkins Dam on April 15 th . The rate at which the dam is closed will be based on existing snow pack and weather forecasts. Historically, spring rains when there is still snow pack cause most of our flooding problems. Our goal is to reach the summer high water level and have a full lake by Memorial Day weekend. Of course, Mother Nature may impact that goal. We will try to post water levels on the Little Sebago Lake Facebook page on a weekly basis this spring as we bring the lake level up. The Hopkins Dam is in good condition. We have completed all maintenance requests from the state dam inspector. Our Emergency Action Plan submitted last fall has been accepted by the State Dam Safety Office. We will continue the tree maintenance started last summer and the basic dam maintenance we normally do. Many thanks to the Dam Committee members for all of their volunteer efforts and to the Little Sebago Lake Association Board of Directors for all of their support.

LSLA Dam Committee: Bruce Micucci, Jim Theis, Jonathan Bernier, Chris Micucci, Rod Bernier, Justine Beaudoi


Watershed Report

Clean water matters. Let’s all do our part.

The health and well being of our planets water resources are affected by the use and development all of us contribute within their watershed. As we cut vegetation, disturb soil, cover surfaces with buildings and asphalt, import chemicals, nutrients, pesticides, and the like we alter the clarity, enjoyment and potential usability of the resource for all who need it. Clean water is one thing that links all of us. No living thing on earth can do without it. So it is of upmost importance that we protect this resource, not only here on Little Sebago, but that we carry this awareness with us where ever we go. Here on Little Sebago your state and lake association have been actively working to protect water quality for many decades. State Shoreland Zoning came into effect in the 70’s and was a first large step to protecting water quality by placing some guidelines and restrictions on development within close proximity to the shoreline. Since 2002 Little Sebago Lake Assn., Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District and Maine DEP have been working together to evaluate and remediate sedimentation and erosion issues in our watershed whereby soil particles entering the water body plug fish habitat and carry excess nutrients which promote unwanted algae and plant growth. This partnership between LSLA, CCSWCD, and Maine DEP has resulted in more than $700,000

worth of erosion control projects done in part with grant money provided through the federal clean air and water act, in addition to donated time and match funds from towns, road associations, and individuals. More than 150 high priority sites around the watershed have repaired and restored since 2002 resulting in a decrease of nearly 250 tons of sediment going into the lake annually. However, there are still over 200 sites previously identified as having erosion issues that have not as yet been addressed. Now that grant funding from state and federal agencies is less available for watershed remediation projects, LSLA itself is continuing this program to make use of the information gathered and to continue this water quality effort as an ongoing program. We have developed our own cost share plan to encourage individuals, groups, and road associations to address sedimentation issues affecting the lake. To do this we will be offering financial support of up to 50% of a project cost with a $500 cap, in conjunction with recommendations for work to be done, help with permitting where required, and ongoing technical advice if needed through CCSWCD. There will probably be materials or plants available at a reduced cost as well. Many of the issues to be addressed have fairly simple solutions and we have electronic and paper copies of instructions with photos available that may meet your needs

LSA - Before

LSA - After


Watershed Report (Cont.)

compliments of CCSWCD and MDEP. Some of you may be contacted directly this spring if your property was identified in previous surveys as having a potential erosion issue or if you have previously reached out to us by email or at meetings. For anyoneelsewho thinks youmight haveanerosion or sedimentation issue on your property or nearby road and would like some help determining how to proceed; now is the time. There are opportunities to get involved in this initiative, protect our water, improve the looks and performance of your property, repair your road, have plan and permit help, and get part of your costs covered as well. The request forms and requirements are very straight forward. Much of the work to reduce erosion, especially on

residential properties, is simple to understand and often can be done with hand tools. Please remember that protection of our waters is a process that starts with thought and awareness and is an important responsibility we all share. For most of us reading this newsletter, that responsibility is part of our front yard. Please; get in touch and ask some questions. All of us at LSLA, DEP, and CCSWC will be happy to provide guidance and assistance to work with you toward common goals and clean water. LSLA, Scott Lowell salowell@maine.rr.com 653-4378

LSLA Merchandise

In November of 2017, we took over responsibility for the Little Sebago Lake Association’s (LSLA) merchandise sales from Deb Gellerson. We look forward to continuing Deb’s excellence in providing LSLA merchandise for our lake residents. We will be concentrating on ramping up our inventory levels prior to the annual meeting on July 14, 2018 with plans to re- stock some of your favorites and hopefully to introduce some new items as well.

If you have realized that it is now 2018 and you did not get your Little Sebago Lake calendar, I have one small ($15) and nine large ($20) calendars in stock!! Prices reflect a $3 reduction. Please email me if you’re interested in purchasing a 2018 calendar or any other merchandise - we have a limited number of baseball caps, pajama bottoms, sweats and youth/infant clothing if you’re looking for gift ideas. Arnie & Tammy Rosario, arnier1000@gmail.com


ME Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Boating Safety Course This is a NASBLA Approved course. (National Association of Small Boat Law Administrators) Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

This course will be presented on a Sunday in early summer. Please check our website later this spring for more information. Or contact Sharon Lamontagne at slamontagne@littlesebagolake.net to hold a spot for you and your family. The cost of the course will be covered by LSLA if you are a supporting member. Students 10-12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the full program. Maximum capacity: 35 students Authorized instructors are donating their time to the cause of greater outdoor safety. If special accommodations are required due to disability, please contact Jay Ward at ward351@yahoo.com or 207-699-1234, mailbox #: 1131, no later than 1 week prior to program date. The earlier, the better TheDept.of InlandFisheries&Wildlifeprogramsandactivitiesareoperatedfree fromdiscriminationinregardtorace,color,nationalorigin,sex,ageordisability.

Membership Address Updates Please contact Cheryl Alterman via email at calterman@littlesebagolake.com with corrections to addresses.


Maine Aides to Navigat ion System For boating safety...learn to recognize these aides to navigation

MARKS RIGHT SIDE OF CHANNEL - Boat should pass to left of buoy.

MARKS CENTER OF CHANNEL - Boat may pass either side.

INFORMATION! Tells distances, locations, other o cial information.

MARKS LEFT SIDE OF CHANNEL - Boat should pass to right of buoy.

CONTROL! Type of control is indicated within the circle such as HEADWAY SPEED ONLY, SAFETYSLOWZONE,ETC.


Diving Flag! Stay at least 100 feet away.

Boat should not pass between buoy and nearest shore.

Mooring Buoy


DANGER! Warns of rocks, reefs, dams or other hazardous areas.



NO BOATS! Diamond with cross indicatesareaswhere boating isprohibited.

* CAUTION: Not all hazards are marked. Especially within 200’ of shore.


For more information or Questions Call Rod Bernier (LSLA) at: 809-4706 or Email him at: rbernier@littlesebagolake.com

Milfoil Militia Noodle Markers

Help us watch for milfoil in Little Sebago Lake and keep the natural vegetation in it’s place to discourage milfoil growth. For any questions or to report milfoil sightings in your area, call Pam Wilkinson (LSLA) at: 428-3732, or email her at: pwilkinson@littlesebagolake.com

Milfoil Area Do Not Enter Benthic Barriers Navigational Dangers



Removed Milfoil Area Future Recheck Area



Safety Patrol Program From Sharon Lamontagne

The same well-seasoned crew is returning this year to man our patrol boat. Roger LeBlanc, John Bernier, Earl Spalding and Kate Martin will be out every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer and every day during the 4 th of July week. Besides patrolling the perimeter of the lake each day, and stopping to educate, distribute materials, and encourage membership in the Association, they will also be able to help out and or tow you back to shore if necessary. We are expanding the hours a bit to provide more patrolling. The Warden Service will be here again. Last summer in the 12 days that they were here, they approached 279 vessels, issuing only 18 warnings and 21 citations. It is my opinion that we on Little Sebago Lake are becoming safer and more educated boat operators through this program and through taking the National Association of State Boating Law class that we sponsor each year. Last year 805 people in the State of Maine took boating safety classes. All fifty states offer these classes but only a few to date require a boat operator to have taken one. It is generally thought that eventually all states will require this once in a life time certification. Statewide, there were 11 recreational boat crashes on Maine lakes that resulted in 13 deaths, 12 property damaged boat crashes that involved more than $2,000.00 each in damage, and 16 personal injury crashes that involved the Warden Service. Of the 13 deaths, only one was wearing a personal floatation device. One of the crashes had three fatalities, there was only one survivor, and he was wearing a PFD. Let’s all continue to do our part to make Little Sebago a safe lake. Please take the boat safety class that we offer. Encourage your family to join you, it is free if you support the Lake Association, only one day and is good for a lifetime. Remind your neighbors to put their life jackets on when you see them go out. If you rent your property, please educate your tenants. Remind them that: SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT!


2018 Safety Program Little Sebago Lake Association (LSLA)


One of the areas where your contributions to the Little Sebago Lake Association go is the presence of an experienced water safety team on our lake. This season we will have 5 boat drivers on the patrol boat throughout the season from Memorial Day until the Labor Day holidays. We will spend extra time on the water during all the holidays and the week of the Fourth of July.

The LSLA Safety Team members have been trained in water safety, and provide towing services, water safety aids, and environmental education materials to our boaters, boarders, jet skiers, kayakers, paddlers, sailors, and swimmers. We also have whistles and local area vendor reward coupons for our LSLAmembers exhibiting safe water habits. This season we will hold an education day on the lake. We will have Safety Boat drivers on hand, teaching basic water safety and handing out educational materials. We will announce the specific date and location on our website, Facebook and emails to all those that have provided us with an email address. We are planning this day to be on the Sand Bar off Lyons Point.

Please stop by the boat any time you see us to say hello, ask questions, and give a hardy wave if we can be of assistance. We sincerely hope to encourage boater safety through courteous behavior and an atmosphere of helping each other on the water It takes this among all of us to insure we have an accident free season on our lake. Let us know if you have any other ideas for us and we look forward to seeing you on the water soon.


LSLA Wish to Give a Heartfelt Thank You for the

Wayne Berzinis * Judith and Jack Bichajian Richard and Cheryl Bolduc Richard and Cynthia Bostwick Brian Boucher Todd and Sarah Brandi Carol Brigham Julie and Floyd Brown Joan Bruck * Douglas and Janice Burke Jon D and Colleen M Burke * Dale L & Diane Burnell and Julie & Jeffrey Viola Nancy Burns and Deborah Cardoni William and Judy Cadorette

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Connie Caron Robert Casparius William Cassidy Terrence and Deborah Cekutis Linda Chase Michael and Nicole Ciacciarelli John and Yun-Son Choi Cobb Clarence C and Sandra Cochrane Gary and Renee Collins Paul Connolly Allen and Judy Cronan Edward and David Curran Patricia Currier Peter and Jane Dascanio Dennis and Linda Davidson * Robert and Judy Davis * John C Davis Jon Davis Leonard S Dexter and Judith Ridge Stephen Donahue and Lilas Borsa Robert and Kim Donnelly Kurt D and Anne Dossin Michael and Jennifer Doten Edward and Theresa Dufour Stephen and Susan Earls * Steven and Barbara Ellis Chris and Emily Eustace Robert B Fisher and Juliet Clarke Dale and Claudia Folsom Michelle Fortin Chaytor Merritt and Pamela Foster Timothy and Charlene Fraser Jake Frustaci Robert and Jacqueline Gallant Steve and Christine Garabedian Gerald and Susan Garon Edouard and Joan Gauthier Judy George Barbara Gibson Dianne S and Bruce Gooley Anthony and Doreen Gouveia David and Nancy Greene Elizabeth Griffin and Griffin, Elizabeth Eddy, Daniel Gerry Haines Reginald and Pauline Hall Tom Hamann and Kate McCarthy * Beverly and Donald Hanson Edward Harding Steven Harnois Charles K Hennessey and Nancy Johnston Frank and Mary Herland Bruce and Linda Hills Karen B James Isabel and Richard Jarrett Phylis Johnson and Sewel Diane * George and Mary Jones * Steven and Nancy Jordan Kevin C and Denise Kaserman William and Donna Keaten Christopher and Anna Keeler Augusta Landry Kelly and Phyllis Landry Kevin Kimball Josephine King Theresa M and Geoffrey King John and Christine Komola Larry and Anne Laderbush Keith Johnson Elaine Johnson

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Steven and Betsey Roman Arnold and Tamara Rosario Larry and Marie Rose Wayne Saltsman * Sara Scalisi and Lee Weinstein * Brian and Cindy Schaeffer Marie Goucher Shelden Gary and Maureen Sidelinger * Karen Simpson and Jaqueline Forrest Richard and Kathleen Skilling Janet and Robert Slack

Mrs. Judith Anderson Nancy AArcikowski * John and Phyllis Bailey John D and Nancy Barnard Dorothy Bates Erwin and Meryl Baumann

June and Gregory Sleeper Eleanor and Montelle Small Harold Snowman * Mark and Claire Sohn Vivienne Sohn


Generousity of our Supporters and Their Families

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James D Briggs Evelyn Brissette


Little Sebago Lake Association – Treasurer’s Report

A summary financial report showing 2017 results compared to budget is attached. It also shows the proposed budget for 2018. Overall, we ended up the 2017 year in excellent financial shape. Here are a few highlights: • Total 2017 income was $108,040 which was above budget by $16,404. The response to our new membership appeal was much better than expected, and we also had nice support for our year-end request for endowment gifts. We did not need to transfer interest & dividend income from our reserves and endowment investments. • Our budget for 2018 shows total income of $111,780 reflecting a slight decrease in grant revenue, offset by increases in interest and dividend income and in merchandise revenue. • Total 2017 expenses were $73,058 which were well below budget by more than $23,000. The biggest savings was in payroll, but we also had lower costs than expected in watershed protection, boat expenses, dam maintenance and database costs. • Our budget for 2018 shows total expenses of $121,000 reflecting higher payroll costs, a major upgrade to our website and database, and increases in our boating safety program. We also expect higher costs for boat expenses, a new dock system, accounting costs for a new board assistant and increased merchandise purchases. • Total Income Less Expense: We ended 2017 with positive cash flow and a net surplus of $34,982. Our 2018 budget shows a deficit of $9,220. Any funds needed at year-end will be drawn from Reserves. • Net Worth – At year-end 2017 we had total assets of $270,427, almost $56,000 higher than last year, mostly due to the operating surplus. Our invested funds in endowment and reserves also grew significantly due to favorable market conditions as shown on the balance sheet.

Membership Update:

• During 2017, we changed our strategic membership approach. We did not ask for dues payments but encouraged annual donations at several categories of sponsorship. The response to this approach was very positive. Total donations went up vs. last year by over $15,000 and gifts to the endowment went up by almost $2,700 compared to 2016. • During the year 688 members made donations or designated gifts to the endowment. The average gift was over $96 which reflects a significant increase from prior year giving. We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of members who contribute to support the work of LSLA…. Thank you!


Little Sebago Lake Association ~ Year End 2017 vs. Budget and Last Year

Little Sebago Lake Association -- 2017 Actual & 2018 Budget


Actual 2017

Difference Budget



2018 Notes:


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

43,225 5,500 12,000 21,911 3,500 5,000

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

58,279 8,165 13,840 21,911

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

15,054 2,665 1,840

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

58,000 8,000 13,000 19,280 6,000 8,000


Endowment Gifts Fundraising Grant Revenue


a b c



Interest & Div - Growth from Investments



Merchandise Revenue






Total Income


108,040 $


112,780 $

Disbursements: Bank Charges & PayPal Dam Maintenance Equipment Purchases Fundraising Expenses Legal & Accounting Licenses/Permits Loon Protection Merchandise Purchases Milfoil supplies etc. Boats Gas Insurance





11,000 3,000 3,500 1,400 1,000 5,844

7,160 1,500 3,015 1,440 5,277 1,430 715

(3,841) (1,500) (485)

10,600 2,000 6,000 1,500




(285) (567) 930 (50) (61) (941) (430) (654) 28


5,650 6,000

500 100 500



100 500


4,100 1,800

3,159 1,828

6,500 2,100


500 800


250 800



Office, Gifts/Donations

36,200 2,000 6,000

26,384 1,758 6,278 1,057 8,322

(9,816) (242)

39,500 2,000 7,500 1,100 12,000 1,000 3,000 12,000 700


Payroll (milfoil/boat ramp/dredging)

Postage Printing

278 157 322 108


Public Forums/Annual Meeting



Safety Patrol Program, supplies & wardens



Sandy Narrows Restoration

1,000 5,000 2,500 96,344 (4,708)




500 660

(4,500) (1,840) (23,286)

Watershed Protection Website & Database


Total Expense

73,058 34,982

122,000 $

Total Income less Expense




Notes: a) Reduced grant support from DEP offset by increase from Town of Windham in 2018 b) May use growth from investments to offset operating expenses in 2018 c) Increased focus on merchandise sales in 2018 d) Milfoil pump repairs & improvements to safety patrol boat in 2018 e) Purchasing new dock system in 2018 f) New board assistant to cover administrative functions g) Merchandise purchases increased to rebuild inventory in 2018 h) Payroll in 2018 reflects increased wages for milfoil divers i) Safety program increased to provide extra warden coverage j) Major upgrade to redesign website and database k) Although the budget is not 'balanced' any funds needed at year-end will be drawn from Reserves Little Sebago Lake Association -- Balance Sheet as of Year-end

12/31/16 12/31/17 Difference



$ $

21,254 49,762

$ $

28,466 35,174

$ $ $ $


Operating Account

(14,588) 63,113 55,737


143,674 $ 214,690 $

206,787 $ 270,427 $

Total Assets






$ $


Net Worth:

214,690 $

270,427 $



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