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An endowment gift allows residents and friends of Little Sebago to leave a lasting legacy. Your gifts will be placed in a special investment account where the principle donation will be preserved and a portion of the income generated will be used for specified projects. As the fund grows over time, it will provide sustainable financial resources to protect our lake. Since being created in 2010, the Endowment Fund has grown to over $21,000. The LSLA board also moved forward on a new investment strategy to manage these funds through the well-established Maine Community Foundation. The board has also revised threshold levels to recognize donors who give generously to the Endowment Fund. Accumulated contributions will be acknowledged on a plaque and on the website thanking donors at the following levels: $100 or more – Kingfisher; $500 or more – Hawk; $1,000 or more – Loon; $5,000 or more – Eagle.

Please consider a generous endowment gift during your financial planning. If you have questions or interest in donating to the Little Sebago Lake Endowment Fund, contact us at 207-809-4706 or go to www.littlesebagolake.com for more information. Milfoil Militia Noodle Markers

Help us watch for milfoil in Little Sebago Lake and keep the natural vegetation in it’s place to discourage milfoil growth. For any questions or to report milfoil sightings in your area, call Pam Wilkinson (LSLA) at: 428-3732, or email her at: pwilkinson@littlesebagolake.com

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Membership Address Updates Please contact Cheryl Alterman via email at calterman@littlesebagolake.com with corrections to addresses.


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