uneasy to remain on their nests. We have placed “Loon Sanctuary” warning signs at the nest sites most bothered by human traffic. We have signs at ready in Sheldrake Cove, at Sand Island, and at Treasure Island. Please stay well back from these sites and observe with binoculars from the distance. Again, our volunteer is working on a couple more signs to be placed as needed at the most vulnerable nest sites. Which brings me an important request. If you see activity that appears to be mating or nesting please let me know by text or email. I will be on the lake in my pink kayak and/or pontoon as soon as the ice isn’t. I’ll be watching for our returning friends, observing where they are congregating, searching out nests, counting days for incubation, and then monitoring for chicks. My upper and lower lake observations are somewhat less frequent so it helps if somebody gives me a heads up on activity. Also hoping that somebody with better eyes than mine cane spot the color coded bands that many of our resident loons are wearing so we can track their comings and goings.

Again, feel free to test or email me with any loon information or concerns, and have an awesome spring.

Sharon Young Text: 207-632-0075 Email: syoung0252@gmail.com


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