Little Sebago Lake Association Summer - 2015 “Our mission is to protect, restore and improve our lake’s water quality and fragile ecosystem. We will create and nurture a community of lake stewards, always mindful that human needs must be balanced with the needs of the natural environment.“

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Boat Ramp Update Mt Hunger Shores - Leon Bucher IFW

As you may recall, our 20 year- old launch ramp was closed early last Fall for a complete rebuild. The contractor hired by the State removed the old one and installed our new ramp consisting of the cast-in-place concrete header and pre-cast heavy duty concrete planks with steel rail guides. The ramp was dressed off with riprap protecting the sides and the “basin” at the end of the ramp. The float support consisting of the cast-in-place concrete abutment and nine pre-cast heavy duty concrete groundout planks was also installed for the new docking system. A concrete portable toilet pad was

poured and they also removed the old guardrail system. The site was open for ice-fishing this past winter with ‘Caution” signage and barricades due to the lack of a guardrail system and the exposed edge of the launch ramp cast-in- place concrete header. Before the launch can be used this spring for boating, the remaining work to be completed is the paving of the ramp approach and the installation of the new guardrail. The dock system,

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